Miracle Job

“I want to return all the glory to God for giving me a miracle job immediately after the 21 day fasting programme.

I went through a series of tests and screening, but God favoured me and I was asked to resume immediately.

I thank God for changing my levels and I know this is just the beginning of my numerous testimonies this year. Indeed, 2016 is our year of rolling ‘from glory to glory ‘.”


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Are You Still Jobless?

We believe according to scriptures that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and that is why what He did yesterday as contained in the Bible, he is still doing today – Heb. 13:8

The presence of God in the midst of His people is always validated by signs, wonders and diverse miracles – Zeph.3:17

Here at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, we see Jesus validate and re-validate over and again His manifest presence in signs and wonders.

Faith Tabernacle has proved to be one of those ‘cities of refuge’, where people take cover to secure their glorious destiny. Come and taste and you will see that the Lord is good.

The following testimonies attest to this claim:


“I joined this commission in July 2015. I have been jobless for 5 years. After following instructions from this altar, I got a call from a company i did not submit any CV to, asking me to come the following week for my medicals as I had been given a job in their company.

I did the medicals and was given the job.

I have come to give God thanks for this miracle job”.

РGodspower Anofe


“I joined this commission during Shiloh 2014 jobless but now, I am gainfully employed.

I reluctantly sent my application through NIPOST to an oil and gas company a few days to the deadline for submission of applications. Just when I had forgotten about my application, I received an invitation for a computer-based test. Though the test wasn’t easy, god favored me and i was subsequently invited for an oral interview.

God favored me all through the interview and the job was given to me against all odds, without prior experience 9 years after graduation.

Indeed, Praise God!

-Pere Kebina

Do you want to experience same order of divine intervention? Have you ever asked Jesus to come into your heart? That is, are you born again? If your answer is “No”, or you are not sure, please pray this prayer with all your heart: Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, forgive me my sins, cleanse with with your blood. I believe you died for me and on the third day you rose again that I might be justified. I therefore accept you today as my Lord and Saviour and I thank you for delivering me from the power of sin and satan to serve the living God. Now, I know I am born again! In Jesus’ Name!

Welcome to God’s family, you are now a child of God!

I am extending this personal invitation to you to join us as we experience Jesus in action at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota this Sunday! To followup on this invitation, you could send me an email: believerstestimony@gmail.com or call 0805 598 1421

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Total Restoration

“I trade in electronics, but my business collapsed. I lost my shop, all my wares and my husband also lost his job. As a result, we were down to zero naira. My husband and I couldn’t pay our house rent of N350,000, which had expired since February 2015.

The landlord threatened to evict us from the house by the end of June 2015. I tried to borrow the money for our house rent from my friends and neighbours, but they refused. I also applied for loans but couldn’t get any. Meanwhile, I sell zobo in my neighborhood to feed my family.

Then, I went to meet my close friend, who is a member of the Winners’ Family and also into electronics business, to borrow me money to pay my house rent. She didn’t give me the money I requested for; rather, she told me that she would give me something that would always bring me money.

This friend of mine does not struggle for business, yet, she is always getting contracts/supplies. However, i observed that she is always busy with evangelism. She fed me, gave me fliers, N1,000 as transport fare and also invited me to Canaanland for service.

I joined the Winners’ Family in the first week of June 2015, during the Midst of the Year season. I participated fully in the 7-day proclaimed fast and also went out to evangelize aggressively, for the first time in my life. God gave me grace, opened my understanding and helped me to win a lot of souls, including Muslims.

In return, God has been very faithful. He blessed my zobo business; now, I make over N5,000 profit weekly. Also, on Thursday, July 2, 2015, someone called me to supply some electronics worth N3.5 million naira.

I delivered the goods, paid my tithe and pledged at the Zonal centre, and also settled my debts.

Indeed, the God of Bishop Oyedepo has settled me here. Praise the Lord!”


Financial Turnaround

“Before now, I couldn’t pay my shop rent of five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) per annum, and the landlord was always shouting and embarrassing me publicly. As a result, whenever I made an attempt to preach about Christ at the market place, I was ridiculed. Hence, I always go elsewhere to evangelize.

When the Covenant Hour of Prayer started, I came to church every morning and prayed to the God of Bishop Oyedepo about the issue.

In May 2015, the landlord told me that we would write an agreement that if I was unable to pay the money by the end of June, he would take legal actions against me to recover his money. I pleaded with him not to write the agreement, but he insisted. So, we wrote it.

As we wrote the agreement, I knew that my God never fails because the shop is being used for Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF).

All through that period, I remained steadfast in faith, maintained a joyful countenance and still engaged in soul-winning.

Miraculously, on June 30, which was the last day of the agreement, God showed up! A man called and gave me a contract to supply furniture worth Twelve Million, One Hundred and Sixty Thousand naira (N12, 160,000).

To the glory of God, I was able to pay the rent from the profit I made from the business. Indeed, God is in the Living Faith Church!”


Delivered from Occult Practice!

“I worked in an organization where I was their managing director and CEO. Automatically, I became a board member.

Last Wednesday was slated for our swearing-in, not knowing that the board meeting was actually planned for my initiation.

During the meeting, a man walked in, with four policemen mounted at the four entrances to the room. He was a high-placed member of an occult society.

Immediately, I realized that all the members of the board belonged to the secret society.

As the initiation started, they cut their left thumbs, and blood was gushing into a calabash they kept there.

When it was my turn, I realized that I had my mantle with me, which I brought out. Immediately, a strange wind blew which collected the mantle from my hand, and placed it on the calabash!

Immediately, everything caught fire, including the building! I thank God for my deliverance!”


Marital Siege Broken

“During one of the Morning Gospel Raids in the second phase of the Wonder Double Agenda tagged, Operation Rescue, I invited a lady for the Marital Banquet Service. She had lost hope in marriage and men, so i told her to come because I know that God will do something great for her. When she asked if I was married, I answered, ‘No, but I’m certain my marital issue will be settled tomorrow’.

During the Marital Breakthrough Banquet service, the Bishop prophesied that some of us would receive proposals that same day. I believed the word of God’s servant and received my portion. Like magic, when I got home, I received a message from a business contact who hasn’t called me in a long while. I tried to discuss business with him, but he said, ‘No, it’s you I am interested in now, not business.’

That same day, he proposed marriage to me. Amazingly, the lady i invited called me to share her testimony. A day after the Marital Breakthrough Banquet, she also got a proposal. Indeed, God of Wonder-Double is a rewarder!”


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I have been afflicted with a terrible and acute stomach ache for 10 years. Also, a moving object had been walking inside my stomach. Whenever it started, I would be rolling on the floor. Doctors in London and America could not diagnose my situation.

When the 21 days of prayer and fasting started, I targeted the end of this affliction, which had left me seriously emaciated.

During the evening service on Tuesday being January 17, I took the communion. By 3a.m, I woke up to pray, according to Bishop’s instruction. After 10 minutes, I felt like going to the toilet, only to discover that something was coming out of my private part. I pulled it out and saw that it was a big dead rat!

I went back to pray again. While i was praying, I was pressed to go to the toilet again. On getting there, I pulled out another big dead rat! Immediately, life returned back to me, and the stomach pains ended!

That same morning, my daughter in Lagos also called to say that after her morning prayers, she opened her door, only to find two big dead rats lying side by side, by her corridor!

Praise the Lord!



After I completed my national youth service in July 2015, I believed God for a miracle job, but no job was forth-coming. So when the second phase of the wonder double tagged Operation Rescue 2015 was announced, I keyed fervently into it tying it to my job need.

I engaged faithfully in soul winning exercise both corporately and individually. I also participated in 1-hour night prayer daily, praying specifically for the full delivery of the Operation rescue mandate. I engaged in it fervently, praying for the advancement of God’s kingdom and to all my targeted contacts for God to save them all through this prophetic season. I practically forgot about my own need. God showed up for me, some of my contacts came to church and they had encountered with attendant testimonies.

So on the 20th of September 2015, being Sunday, around 7:30am as i was preparing to leave for church service, i received a text message on my phone, that a reputable company has shortlisted me for an interview that will come up the following day being Monday 21st of September, 2015. They also notified me that the shortlisting was based on a referral which i don’t know up till now.

I went for the interview and out of more than a hundred candidates that I met there, I, a young girl of 22 years old without any working experience was given the job coupled with mind-blowing salary beyond my expectation and also opportunity to travel to any part of the world at least once every year. And not only that, I’m entitled to take at least one member of my family on such trip.

I have come to thank my father, the Almighty God for making Matthew 6:33 a reality in my life. To Him alone be all the glory.


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I joined this commission in January 2015 and partook in the 21 day prayer and fasting.

During one of the One Night with the King services in January, the Bishop said, ‘The devil paints your prophet as an evil man in order to disconnect you from him.’ That was exactly what the devil did in my life. I knew and hated this church for 22 years. However, having attended my former church for 17 years, the Holy Spirit delivered and reconnected me to my God-ordained prophet, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Since i returned, like a dream, good things have been happening for me on every side. The greatest turnaround experienced was the restoration of my marriage. I have been married for 23 years, but it has been filled with quarrels. In fact, the last seven years were void of communication while my husband and I lived together.

To the glory of God, after the Hosanna Service of March 1, my challenged marriage was restored! Praise the Lord.



My business has been stagnated for 6 years, when this wonder double season started, i stopped praying for business breakthrough and started praying for kingdom advancement knowing fully well that in this lies my breakthroughs, and i also engaged in the outreach.

On July 6 2015, God gave me a contract i never applied for, an LPO belonging to an International Organization was sent to my email box, through a friend, asking me to get them a dredger. But when i called the phone number on the LPO for further inquiries, we fixed a meeting in Lagos, the man started talking about financial challenges and by faith i told him not to worry that i will raise the 10 million naira. But then, all i had was just N750 (seven hundred and fifty naira).

The Holy Spirit then directed me to call my Fiancee asking her to take me to her client so that he could help out. She did so and without questions, the man accepted to raise 10 million naira and promised to invest up to 50 million naira in the business.

The worth of the contract is over one billion naira. I give all glory to God for changing my levels financially.






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